Speed limit signs on Ellon bypass are replaced

New signs have been put up on the A90 Ellon bypass warning of works traffic.
New signs have been put up on the A90 Ellon bypass warning of works traffic.

Speed restriction signs put up on the Ellon bypass near the new academy construction site have been removed.

The 30mph limit caused controversy with many drivers claiming they were not given enough warning on approach from a 60mph zone.

They have now been replaced by signage making people aware there is a site exit.

The 30mph signs were put up earlier in the summer on the stretch of the A90 on either side of the Cromleybank Farm junction.

Bear Scotland said at the time the measures were to slow down vehicles on the busy route to allow the safer movement in and out of the site by construction vehicles.

Ellon and District Councillor Gillian Owen sought clarification from Bear about the situation following concerns raised by motorists.

She said: “I am really pleased that the 30 mph signs have been removed as they were definitely inappropriate.

“The replacement signage is much better and it doesn’t cause road users to slow down rapidly.”

One woman contacted the Times claiming her daughter had been subjected to horn-blaring from other drivers because she had slowed down at the 30mph zone.

Work started on the Cromleybank site in June and the complex is scheduled to open in 2015.

It will include a 1,200 capacity school, five-lane swimming pool, Banff and Buchan Outreach Centre and community, learning and developmennt facilities.