Surprise victory for Reserves!

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Six teams participated at the local qualifying round of the Rotary District 1010 Primary Schools Quiz, which was organised by the Rotary Club of Ellon and hosted by Newburgh Mathers Primary School.

An audience of family, friends and teachers supported and cheered on pupils from Auchterellon, Meiklemill, Newburgh Mathers and two from Ellon Primary. Teams were formed from senior primary pupils, of 4 participants and 1 reserve. This reserve team member is used solely in the case of illness or other unavailability of a team member. The reserve pupils are invited to join together from an amalgamation of the schools and form a combined team.

With excitement mounting, quiz master Hilary Gordon tested the their knowledge of Famous People, Literature, Music, Science, Movies, Geography, Maths, Inventions and Machines, Language and General Knowledge. Ellon Rotarians, under the beady eye of quiz compiler Mick Gordon were kept on their toes with the scoring.

The official winners emerged as The Reserve team, however rules dictate that only official school teams can go forward to the next round. Therefore, it will be the second placed team of Meiklemill who will go forward to the next round of the Area Final at Macduff Town Hall on Saturday, May 21 where 11 teams are competing. Quiz compiler Mick Gordon said “Every year the Reserves are invited to form a scratch team and usually do well, but this year they went one better and won! It had to happen one day. Fortunately this was explained before the competition started. Top marks for them in taking part and working together for the first time. Great team work!”

Youth and Vocational Convener Doug Winchester congratulated all teams and presented shields to the to the worthy winners and certificates to all participants. “Ellon Rotary Club has been taking an active part in the Primary School Quiz for a number of years,” he said. “Its was a very exciting close fought competition, I am just glad I was scoring as some of the questions had me asking my colleagues for the answer. Unfortunately in these circumstances the winners will not be going forward to the next stage and I wish runners up Meiklemill well in the next stage at Macduff.”

The competition culminates in June at Meldrum Academy, where the winning team in the district final will receive a prize of £500 to purchase equipment for their school and hold the Rotary 1010 District Primary Schools Shield for a year. Prizes are awarded to 2nd and 3rd teams of £300 and £200 respectively.