Tipperty pupils get up close with snakes and spiders

Instead of doing maths last Friday afternoon, Tipperty Primary School pupils were up to their fingertips with creepy crawlies.

Some of the P1 up to P3 pupils were treated to a workshop with The Critter Keeper, 
full of exotic animals and 

The Critter Kepper, David Low, with the group of P1-P3s at Tipperty Primary School

The Critter Kepper, David Low, with the group of P1-P3s at Tipperty Primary School

Tarantulas, snakes, hedgehogs, lizards and a tortoise were all out on show for the youngsters to get up close and personal with.

The Critter Keeper, David Low, tours schools, nurseries, and can come to your children’s party.

David brings each animal out one at a time then explains some facts about the animal 
before giving the children the chance to ask some questions, and if they are brave enough, handle some of the “beasties”.

The Tipperty pupils were particularly amazed with Prickles the hedgehog and the five-year-old tortoise.

One daring P1 pupil, Niamh Yeoman, got to grips with a snail.She said: “It felt great to hold, it was like jelly in my hands!”

David said: “I look after the animals from home and have nearly one hundred.

“It takes about two hours to feed them all at night, but they don’t need handled much because they are out so often with me during the day.

“It’s surprising though 
as you would think that the boys would be braver than the girls.

“But often it’s the girls who hold the animals first, then the boys have a go.

“I like to be able to show the children animals that they have never seen before.”

As the workshop finished and the group thanked David, one pupil said “this has been really ace!”.

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