Tipperty trip for MEP

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TIPPERTY Primary School welcomed a new guest last Thursday, when MEP Ian Hudghton visited the school.

Mr Hughton, who was accompanied by Ellon councillor Rob Merson, spoke to headmistress Lorna Dawson about issues affecting the school, before explaining to the youngsters his role as a Member of the European Parliament. He went on to outline the lawmaking responsibilities of the European Union, and how EU regulation was having an impact locally, in the north-east of Scotland.

Speaking to the Times, Mr Hudghton said: “The purpose of the visit is to speak about my job, and the powers that the European parliament has to make law, particularly relating to the environment, which many pupils at Tipperty are engaged with through the school’s Eco-Group, for example. “Parliament makes laws, but it’s school pupils who are often leading the way.”