Travellers pitch up at Academy campus

The Ellon Academy Community Campus
The Ellon Academy Community Campus

A group of travellers set up camp at the new Ellon Academy Community Campus over the weekend.

Around six caravans and a number of cars arrived on the site after being moved on from an area near Tesco.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council told the Times that the travellers’ arrival on the campus had not caused any disruption to the school.

They said: “A council officer has visited and assessed the site and gave them a copy of the Good Neighbour Guide.

“We have placed an eviction notice on them that will come into immediate effect.”

The council officer spoke to one of the group members who said they only planned to be on the campus site for a couple of days.

Ellon & District SNP Councillor and Aberdeenshire Council Co-Leader Richard Thomson said: “As soon as this group of travellers arrived on site, I asked Aberdeenshire Council to begin eviction proceedings.

“The school is a totally unacceptable site for travellers to be on and the group knows that perfectly well.”

Fellow local councillor, Gillian Owen, added: “I understand that the Travelling community need to be accommodated somewhere but why do they choose to set up an unauthorised encampment in the most inappropriate areas which will cause disruption to the settled community?

“This activity can only add to the rift between local residents and Travellers.

“It is very clear that business activities namely gardening and tree surgeon services are being operated from this site and I would urge the people of Ellon not to indulge them by employing them.”

“Once again this situation shows the problems that occur when we do not have transit sites to move Travellers to.”