Ellon animal rescue centre launch Winter Feed Appeal

New Arc Sanctuary: A pony enjoying some food
New Arc Sanctuary: A pony enjoying some food

An animal and wildlife rescue centre, based in Ellon, have launched a Winter Feed Appeal in the hope of raising funds for food and bedding

This winter, The New Arc Sanctuary has just as many mouths to feed at any other time of the year and they need to buy hay, straw and feed for the horses, pigs, goats, hens and ducks, as well as the cats and dogs.

This year the centre has installed porta cabins and a new field shelter, but with that comes huge food and bedding bills.

An appeal has been made to the North-east to donate as more and more animals are being taken into the sanctuary, all needing fed and kept warm.

New Arc Sanctuary’s Pauline Martine, said that the appeal will help to raise funds particularly with haylage costs this winter.

Pauline said: “It is extremely expensive this year at £45 per bale, and we still have a long time to go before spring, so keeping ahead of the game is very important to ensure all the animals have enough to get through the winter is crucial.

“This year we have been told that because of the lovely summer we had, there was a lot less haylage cut, therefore it is harder to source and more expensive than in previous years, so we decided a winter feed appeal would help.”

To donate visit fundrazr.com, then search for: Winter Feed Appeal.