Ellon Baptists host Easter Holiday Club

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LOCAL youngsters were given the chance to learn about the meaning of Easter in a slightly different way last week, as Ellon Baptist Church hosted its Easter Holiday Club at the Guide Hut on Thursday and Friday.

School-aged children took part in the activities, which were laid out on an interactive ‘space’ theme, with church members dressed as aliens to tell the story of Jesus’ resurrection. The event was attended by around 48 children, and is run by young members of Ellon Baptist Church.

Ashleigh McGregor - aka ‘Captain Cosmos’ - told the Times that the aim was to raise awareness in the youngsters of the message of Easter, and to give them a fun and interactive way to spend their holidays.

“Last year our theme was the Olympics, so we wanted to do something a bit different this time,” she said. “The youngsters have expressed an interest in space - particularly the boys - so this is a great way to get them involved.”