Ellon Cinema looks back on successful 2016

Ellon Cinema screenings take place at the Victoria Hall
Ellon Cinema screenings take place at the Victoria Hall

Having awarded themselves with a well earned break over Christmas and the New Year, Ellon Cinema volunteers will be taking time to reflect back on 2016.

Some 3,200 local cinema goers attended 35 film screenings of recent releases last year averaging around 90 viewers per film.

The children’s films attracted the largest audiences with ‘Finding Dory’ (201) the most popular beating ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Secret Life of Pets’ (each at 199) into joint second place.

Other popular films included ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ (174) and ‘The Girl on the Train’ (135).

Since obtaining their own professional equipment, two cinema events are held per month and they have also screened various older films from DVD for third party fundraising purposes.

Over the past year they have seen many new faces not only from Ellon itself but from towns and villages around the area.

They have also been delighted with the number of volunteers who have joined the team to help out with setting the Hall up, manning the tuck shop and tidying all away afterwards in preparation for the routine classes that are run at the Hall during week days.

Ellon Cinema is subject to the same distributor box office takings payments as for all cinemas and they can see from 40 to 50 percent of the ticket money having to be paid to the respective distributor in performance rights fees.

That remaining has to fund the agency fees which is payment for access to the distributors, delivery of film files on hard drive and de-coding keys, delivery of posters, reporting of box office returns and trouble shooting equipment problems.

However the community has supported their local cinema in sufficient numbers overall to enable such charges to be met thus making it financially viable which ensures that the cinema volunteers will continue to make it happen for the community of Ellon and its surrounding districts.

The group are now looking to upgrade the acoustics of the Hall, lighting and surround sound speakers to make the cinema experience even better.