Ellon Community council set to showcase town’s clubs at event

ELLON Community Council agreed to move forward with a special event showcasing the town’s clubs and societies on Tuesday night.

The move comes as the group looked for ways to engage the youth of the town, and in remedy of the perennial complaint that ‘there’s nothing to do in Ellon’.

Members agreed to look into organising an event this summer which will showcase the town’s clubs and societies, and perhaps engage the wider public with the activities available.

In other news, the council heard from PC Chris Spencer that, aside from reports of snowball throwing, and a few other fairly minor incidents, the town had been comparatively crime free over the festive period.

He said: “Christmas and New Year passed well. The weather, of course, brings its own challenges, and there have been problems on some of the back roads, however otherwise there have been no great issues.”

Community councillors also revisited the issue of street names in the new Castleton Development, after the developers asked members for suggestions. The body resolved for members to think of appropriate names for submission.

In other news, the body agreed to look into the possibility of re-illuminating the Auld Brig, though there were warnings from local members that this could be an expensive enterprise. In addition, the club agreed to apply for planning permission on behalf of Ellon Rotary Club for a new sign at the A90 entrance to the town.

Council Treasurer Mark Grant revealed to members that the body’s finances were comparatively healthy, and that the balance dedicated to the town’s Christmas lights would go towards improving the town’s display for next Christmas.