Ellon couple raise £2,000 after charity bungee jump

Alana Murray just before her jump
Alana Murray just before her jump

An Ellon couple has raised more than £2,000 for charity after completing a bungee jump recently.

Alana Murray (34), and her partner Bob Stuart (39), plunged 132 feet off of Garry Bridge near Pitlochry to raise cash for Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

After losing twins during an early labour in 2009 the pair decided to give something back to the ward which helped them during such a difficult time.

Alana said: “We decided that we would love to give a little back to the Rubislaw ward at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital ‘baby loss ward’ as the care we received from the midwifes was second to none.

“They all do an amazing job along with the after care from Aberdeen sands ‘still birth and neo natal death society,” she said.

The money raised will help towards purchasing new blood pressure machines, TV cards, toiletries, memory wallets, extra training for the staff as well as contributing towards re-furnishing the baby room at the Rubislaw ward.

Alana added: “A lot of our friends thought we were off our heads and crazy but admired us for doing what we were doing.

“Our justgiving page is still running too - Alana09.

“I would like to thank all our friends and family for their kind donations and a big thank you to Pitlane Ellon, Searchwise Ellon and Romar International at Newburgh for their generous donations.”

Three years later the couple now have a healthy happy two-year-old daughter.