Ellon Probus Club meets

President David Couzin welcomed thirty-one members to the Probus meeting who heard the Rev Peter Mander speak about his travels in Vietnam.

He was visiting his son who lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, still referred to by the local people as Saigon. Using his phone camera, he recorded some of the beauty and history of the country and also the culture, and way of life.

He said the Socialist Republic of Vietnam remains very much a communist country. The government tolerates religious worship, but dabbling in politics is strictly a no-go area. Statues and portraits, of Ho Chi Minh, the North Vietnamese leader during the war abound, and the “War Remnants Museum” in Ho Chi Minh City, is dedicated to portraying the terrible events that claimed almost eight hundred thousand lives.

Rev Mander described the Vietnamese as a friendly, and gentle people, and would recommend the country to anyone planning a visit to the Far East.