Ellon rector endures leg waxing for school funds

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DOZENS of Academy pupils turned out on Monday to witness the modern era’s answer to the pillory, as Rector Tim McKay agreed to have his legs waxed to benefit the school’s funds.

An enthusiastic crowd cheered heartily at every wince of pain, with some pupils stepping up to personally ‘tear a strip off the Rector’ in the school’s senior common room.

Organisers Callum Crook and Nairn O’Donnel - both of S4 - told the Times that they had discussed the idea with Mr McKay and that he had agreed to go ahead with the plans as part of the school’s 2011 fundraising activities. As part of the fundraising, every Ellon Academy pupil undertakes to raise £20.11 for the school funds. As part of the deal, the boys had also agreed to have a couple of strips pulled from their own legs as a show of solidarity with their rector.

“We’ve raised about £230 between us, not including whatever we take at the door,” Callum told the Times. “Initially, the idea wasn’t taken up by our classmates, however we managed to pursuade them.

Nairn added: “Though we’ve raised quite a bit of money, we’re not looking forward to getting our legs waxed, though. It sounds really painful.”

Asked whether or not he was looking forward to the day’s activity, Mr McKay said: “I’m looking forward to raising money for the school, but dreading the leg-waxing itself. Pupils who want to personally ‘tear a strip off the Rector’ can do so for an extra £2 - it’s for a good cause.”

Beautician Hannah Lynch, who performed the procedure, said that although she didn’t have to wax many male legs, she didn’t anticipate a challenge.

“It shouldn’t be too hard. It’s just slightly more hair to be taken off,” she joked.