Ellon Rotary - how lifestraw saves lives

THE guest speaker last week at Ellon Rotary Club was John Kinnon a former GP in Fraserburgh and a member of Fraserburgh Rotary.

John gave an excellent talk and demonstration on the use of Lifestraw and Lifestraw Family, which are water filters that provide safe drinking water for poor countries throughout the world.

John became involved in the Rotary based national project in 2010 when Pakistan was hit by severe flooding and hundreds of thousands of homeless people had no access to clean water. The consumption of contaminated water exposes urban and rural people to waterborne diseases like hepatitis A, cholera and typhoid.

Each personal model costs £5 while the family model costs £25. The use of these filters reduces diarrhoeal diseases that kill 1.8 million people each year offering significant health gains at dramatic cost savings compared with piped water for many countries.

The vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Angus Kerr who has been involved in a Nepali water project.