Ellon Talking Newspaper appeal to local community

Ellon Talking Newspaper Secretary Pat Edward
Ellon Talking Newspaper Secretary Pat Edward
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A recording group in Ellon are calling for residents in the town to support their service.

The Ellon Talking Newspaper have seen their number of recipients drop rather alarmingly for no apparent reason.

Group secretary Pat Edward said that the group are not the only one noticing the trend.

Pat told the Times: “We used to have up and over 40 recipients every week but now it is around 20 - last week we had 18.

“We are not alone with this. Last year at a conference with other talking newspapers every other group - except one - mentioned that their numbers had also been falling.”

The contents of The Ellon Times is recorded by the group onto a memory stick and copied then posted out to recipients who use playback boxes to listen to the recordings.

Pat added: “Partially sighted people are becoming more adept at using online technology - maybe that’s it - but it really is a mysterious. There aren’t postage costs - we don’t know what it is.

“We are appealing to carers or those who are partially sighted to let us know if they would like to hear their newspaper through us.”

The group which have now been running for 16 years received a boost of £1000 last December from Ellon Academy pupils which was given out during the YPI final.

Pat added that the money helped the group branch into the digital platform.

He said: “It was a tremendous success.

“Everyone gets a playback box which is so easy to use.

“It is very simple technology and allows people to skip a story if they want to - they are much better than the tapes we used to have,”

If you would like to benefit from the service you can telephone 01651 806965 or contact Ellon Library on 01358 720865.