Ellon vet joins tick project

Chris Packham with his dogs Itchy and Scratchy
Chris Packham with his dogs Itchy and Scratchy

Local veterinary practice, Glenythan Vet Group, recently joined the Big Tick Project to ensure Ellon’s dogs and their owners are kept safe.

The Ellon vet group is joining television presenter, Chris Packham, as well as the University of Bristol in the project.

The Big Tick Project is a nationwide initiative which has been running since spring and will come to an end in autumn. The project aims to track the rise of the tick population in the UK and discover how many ticks are carrying diseases.

The project comes into effect as ticks are feeding earlier in the year and for longer periods of time. This then means that more dogs and their owners are at risk.

Tick bites can transmit infections, such as Lyme Disease, which is a serious and debilitating illness causing long-term health effects in both dogs and humans.

Glenythan Vet Group is determined to do all they can to ensure pets are safe

Local pet owners are able to take their dogs to the Ellon practice for a tick check and tips on effective control of ticks.

If a vet discovers a tick on a dog the tick will be collected and sent to Bristol University laboratories to aid in the advancement of knowledge on tick-bourne diseases.

Chris Packham said: “While I find both ticks and fleas interesting creatures, I don’t want them on my dogs, in my house or on me.”

He added: “I want the best advice and treatment available and I know I can get this by talking to my vet.”

Dog owners can get more information by contacting the Ellon vet practice or by visiting www.bigtickproject.co.uk