A wildflower wonderland

Orchids are providing an eye-catching display at a number of locations in and around Ellon
Orchids are providing an eye-catching display at a number of locations in and around Ellon

PARTS of Ellon have been catching the eye with a magnificent display of orchids.

Areas of the town have been awash with colour where the wildflowers has been blooming in huge numbers.

Members of Ellon Biodiversity Action Group (EBAG) carried out a survey last month at Balmacassie Community Woodland to try and establish the numbers of Northern Marsh Orchids growing on the site.

EMAG spokesman Bob Davis said: “One of the best places has been in Balmacassie Community Woodland, where hundreds of these truly superb wildflowers have been blooming beautiful for a long time.

“It was intended to try and get an estimate of the numbers growing on the site, and their distribution. But in the event, any form of accurate count was abandoned - there were just too many.”

It is not only at Balmacassie that orchids have blossomed this year. There have also been impressive displays along the Ellon bypass, close to the Auchmacoy roundabout, and on the banking below the town’s Park and Ride car park.

Mr Davis added: “Unfortunately, the flowers at Balmacassie have suffered some vandalism with a number being picked up and pulled, with others being stepped on and broken.

“This happened when the travelling people took up residence recently. It is illegal to uproot orchids or any wildflower as this endangers their long-term survival and deprives other people from enjoying their beauty.”

EBAG - a group of local volunteers who give time to the well being of Ellon’s natural features and inhabitants - is looking for more people to become involved in its work in and around the town.

For more information about the group, its aims and objectives, contact Mr Davis on 01358 711292, or email bob.b.davis@btinternet.com