Action plan to ease Foveran flood fears

Councillor Rob Merson has welcomed progress towards resolving the Foveran flooding problem.
Councillor Rob Merson has welcomed progress towards resolving the Foveran flooding problem.

An action plan has been drawn up to resolve a flooding problem at Foveran.

The village experienced a serious flood in 2012 and residents have been calling for remedial work to be speeded up to prevent another incident.

We had a very positive and productive meeting

Cllr Rob Merson Ellon and District

The flash flood led to extensive survey work being carried out to assess the total catchment area, and it was hoped that Aberdeenshire Council could carry out some temporary repairs to the embankment last year.

But its condition ruled this out and villagers were informed they would have to wait for a geotechnical survey to identify a permanent solution.

Primary responsibility for the junction lies with Transport Scotland, for which the work has been contracted to BEAR Scotland.

Reinstatement was carried out some time ago on the embankment adjacent to Foveran School, but the southern one, where Blairythan Terrace meets the A90, proved more difficult.

Worried residents, fearing another flash flood, contacted Ellon and District Councillor Rob Merson in an attempt to get the project speeded up.

Councillor Merson convened a multi-agency meeting to discuss the concerns.

He told the Times: “Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland came along with a firm plan of action, and we had a very positive and productive meeting at which a definite course of short, medium and longer-term works and objectives were identified to alleviate the problem in the shorter term, and provide an effective permanent resolution in the longer term.

“BEAR will now arrange for the reinstatement of the flood damage to the embankment and surrounds, and carry out the works required to prevent a recurrence, in liaison with Aberdeenshire Council, and the Scottish Flood Forum will provide information and assistance on flood damage prevention and insurance issues.”

The geotechnical survey is due for completion next month followed by drainage improvements in Blairythan Terrace.

The embankment will be reinstated with temporary rockfill in January, before permanent work being carried out in the summer.