Appeal for help in Ellon Castle Garden

Ellon Castle Garden.
Ellon Castle Garden.

Urgent work is needed to conserve some of horticultural features of Ellon Castle Garden.

The new company running the historic site have been assessing the extent of the task facing them in restoring the garden to its former glory.

A lot of the characteristic elements of the garden are under threat

Julie Lorimer Factor

It will be several months before the walls, terrace and even the old castle ruins can start to be conserved but, in the short term, vital horticultural work has to been carried out.

Ellon’s “secret garden” was officially handed over to the community last montho with the pledge that it would be restored and become a major tourist attraction.

Factor Julie Lorimer said: “With many years of neglect, a lot of the characteristic elements of the gardens are 
under threat.

“The upright fastigate yews which form avenues at the east and west ends of the garden have become 

“The company’s horticultural consultant, Simon McPhun, has taken the necessary action to rejuvenate these, although restoration to their full glory will take several years.

“A patch of Japanese Knotweed on the terrace has also been tackled. However, it has become evident that action is required on many other elements of the garden if we are to secure them for the future.”

Many of the shrubs found under the shelter of the historic walls, have become overgrown and these require to be carefully pruned and weeds have to be removed from the paths.

The company is looking to hire a self-employed gardener for up to three months to carry out the immediate horticultural work.

In the longer term, a full-time gardener or gardeners will be employed but that will not be until nearer the winter when the anticipated income starts to come on stream.

Anyone interested in the post or in volunteering their help in the garden should contact Julie Lorimer on 07795473434 or email

It is hoped to hold an open day later in the summer as the first stage in getting local people involved in the 
garden project.