Birdlife celebrated by poetry and music night

'Hail to thee blithe spirit': A skylark, as immortalised in Shelley's famous ode.
'Hail to thee blithe spirit': A skylark, as immortalised in Shelley's famous ode.

THE life of birds and their habitat will be celebrated through poetry and music in a special event tomorrow (Friday).

‘Poetry for the Birds’ will be held on what is traditionally Burns night at Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen from 7pm.

It has been organised by RSPB Scotland and North-east poets.

The contemporary poets have created bespoke literary works presented on the eve of RSPB’s BIG Garden Bird Watch – a national event this Saturday and Sunday - to encourage as many people as possible to record numbers and types of birds seen in gardens.

The information will help to give a picture of the health of UK species.

Mairi Cowan, RSPB community engagement officer, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is interested in wildlife to come along and support their local writers, poets and musicians.

“It’s a unique event on the eve of a national campaign to get people interested in their local birdlife and help us build a picture of how they are doing year on year. “The more people who get involved the better it is for our records, and helping species which are under threat.

“Poetry for the Birds is an interesting way for an audience to learn more and appreciate birds – and hopefully feel inspired too.”

Some bird species have fared considerably better over the years. Sightings of popular species like blue tits, great tits and coal tits in gardens have increased since 1979.

Goldfinches, which were absent from the Big Garden Birdwatch top 15 in the early years, have featured regularly as a top 15 species since 2004.

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