Blizzards bring disruption to Aberdeenshire

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WINTER tightened its grip on the North-east this week with blizzards bringing widespread disruption to the region.

Heavy snow and gale-force winds swept in from the east forcing schools to shut and closing a number of inland roads, mainly on higher ground.

Some other routes were only passable with care.

More than 120 schools in Aberdeenshire were either closed or partially closed on Tuesday as more snow fell overnight, with drifting causing added problems throughout the area.

At one stage, Grampian Police were advising motorists to make only essential journeys amid a spate of minor accidents and vehicles becoming stuck on roads blocked by drifting snow.

Aberdeen City Council stepped in to assist its Aberdeenshire counterparts snow-clearing operation on Tuesday by offering two gritting vehicles.

It is the first time that gritters have been volunteered between the two local authorities. The councils share some smaller routes.

Philip McKay, Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads and Landscape Services, said: “It has been a very busy day for our roads crews, who have been working in extreme conditions all day and will be getting ready to go out and do it all again tomorrow.

“We are grateful to the city for their offer of assistance which has helped us ensure that as many routes as possible are treated.

“It is great to see the two local authorities working together to ensure that motorists across the North-east are kept as safe as possible on their journeys between city and shire, and beyond.”