Bruce: shed light on Bridgend A90

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GORDON MP Malcolm Bruce is calling for the Scottish Government to re-consider lighting on the A90 between Bridgend and Tipperty.

Speaking to the Times, Sir Malcolm said that although roads contractor BEAR Scotland had recently concluded that lighting the route was not needed, local residents had contacted him to urge a re-think.

Transport Scotland have agreed to install pedestrian warning signs at a number of crossing points, however residents have argued that more needs to be done to make the road safer, given that children cross the road in question to get to school.

Speaking to the Times, he said: “Sir Malcolm commented: “Local residents were understandably disappointed by Transport Scotland’s conclusions. That is why I wrote to the Transport Minister, Keith Brown MSP, to ask him to review the decision. I also asked that an official visit the area to see the challenges that the community faces every day.

The Gordon MP explained: “This rural community is divided by the busy 70-mile-per-hour dual carriageway. There is a primary school flanking the southbound carriageway and houses on both sides of the road, in addition to many more outlying properties whose residents also need to cross the carriageway regularly.

“Children cross the road each morning from 7.10am onwards, either to catch the bus to the local Academy or, in the case of younger pupils, to attend Tipperty School. Members of the community, from children to the elderly, also need to cross the dual carriageway regularly in order to catch buses to destinations including Aberdeen and Ellon. The lack of lighting in this area means that these crossings are particularly perilous and intimidating during the darker months.

“In recent years there have been a number of accidents and fatalities on this stretch of road. The community is united in its belief that there are significant road safety issues in this area and that additional signage is insufficient.”