Civic Pride volunteers hit out at litterbugs

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TWO Ellon men who volunteer to pick rubbish up around the town have hit out at litterbugs who, they say, are leaving the town a midden.

Civic Pride volunteers Norman Fraser and Bruce Sutherland contacted the Times after collecting a dozen full black bags of litter in one small area of the town, between Castle Park and Balmacassie.

“The annoying thing is that most of the litter seems to be composed of energy drinks, yet the folk dropping the bottles don’t apparently have the energy to make their way to a bin,” said Norman.

Bruce added that he believes additional bins could be useful on Castle Road, which was heavily littered.

“The bus stop opposite The Meadows is always a mess,” he said. “If there was a bin, there, though, it might be a reminder for people to use it, rather than simply throwing their wrappers into the bushes, which is what seems to be happening now.”

The pair, who tidy the area frequently, say that the rubbish has accumulated since February, when the area was last cleaned. The rubbish itself showed a preponderance of energy drinks, alcohol bottles and tins, and plastic bags.

Castle Park resident Pam Reid, who walks her dog in the area, told the Times that the mess was disgraceful.

“It’s ridiculous, particularly when there are bins so near,” she said.