Committee seeks further £60,000 funding for Methlick park renovation

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ORGANISERS behind the improvements taking place at Methlick Park have told the Times that they are seeking new funds for the latest phase of the project.

Residents in the village have already raised tens of thousands of pounds for improvements at Methlick Park, and are set to start fundraising for the next £60,000 needed to complete phase two of the project.

As well as significant cash infusions from local wind projects owned by developers David Smith and Ernie Lees, the group are currently seeking Leader and National Lottery funds to help make the Methlick play park fit for the 21st century.

Ythanview Hotel owner Jay Allan told the Times that the group were looking at all possible forms of funding, and that public bodies had been very helpful.

“We have already obtained the funding for phase one, which has allowed us to do a lot of work. We’re now at the early stages of phase two,” he said. “We’re going to apply for Leader and Lottery funding, and we already receive hugely appreciated cash injections from local windfarm owners. Cllr Paul Johnston and Formartine Partnership chair Rod Gunson have also been very helpful in advising us how to apply for the money.”

He added that one aspect of fundraising being considered would be a new Ythan raft competition between Fyvie and Methlick, to run on the village’s gala day on September 2.