Concerns raised over illegal waste dumping

Rubbish dumped at Aikey Brae, near Old Deer
Rubbish dumped at Aikey Brae, near Old Deer

Aberdeenshire Council have taken action following concerns from travellers that illegal waste dumping has taken place at Aikey Brae.

There are currently eight caravans occupying the site near Old Deer and the alarm was raised after the amount of waste began to

The majority of waste on the site is garden related but there is also evidence of industrial waste and household rubbish.

Current travellers at the site have stopped at Aikey Brae for a number of years and are angry with the amount of waste being left behind.

Local man, Billy Rennie, had spoken to the travellers about the situation and said: “If they could find a way to remove the rubbish themselves they would do that.”

Aberdeenshire Council and the Police have been contacted regarding the dumping and are currently monitoring the site to prevent more waste being left.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Protective Services and Waste Management Ian Robertson said: “The Council are currently aware of illegal dumping taking place on Aikey Brae and are exploring a number of different methods to tackle this.

“Arrangements have been made to have the site cleared of all existing waste.

“Should anyone have any information regarding this then please get in touch with the Council or Police Scotland via the non-emergency line 101.”

Travellers currently on the site have also requested an additional toilet facility and even suggested they would fund it where neccesary.

Commenting on this issue, Mr Robertson said: “There are currently eight caravans at Aikey Brae where toilet facilities have been

“We will continue to monitor the site in line with Council guidelines.”