Daviot community tackles climate change

A community has come together to make its own contribution to the battle against climate change after becoming frustrated by a lack of action from governments and local authorities.

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 12:00 am
Trustees Matthew Clubb and Ken Gordon taking e-bikes out for a spin

Zero Carbon Daviot has already identified a range of practical actions including active travel routes, electric vehicles, and more efficient home heating.

And it’s inviting other members of the community to suggest examples of local action to help the planet.

The group have been awarded £2,500 by Community Energy Scotland for a renewable energy generation feasibility study and community engagement.

The trustees also hope to replicate the initiatives of other local communities, such as Huntly and District Development Trust, which installed renewable energy generation, providing cash to fund further community projects.

Matthew Clubb, one of the six founding trustees of Zero Carbon Daviot, which is a charitable organisation, said: “We have already reached out to the community to see if there were others like us that wanted to take action on climate change and we were heartened by the level of interest shown, even just within one week of setting up a Facebook group.”

Initiatives that have already started include working with local groups and authorities to establish safe walking and cycling routes to other communities, including Inverurie.

Two trustees, Karen and Nick Forbes, are also hosting an electric bike hire scheme from The Shop in Daviot.

The group is also currently applying for funding that will support a feasibility study on the decarbonisation of all homes in the community.

Matthew continued: “Of the 450 homes in Daviot, most use heating oil or LPG for heating.

"Some homes are also in fuel poverty. Something needs to be done.”

Zero Carbon Daviot also hopes to use the experience of its trustees and members, including a home retrofit, which reduced the householder’s heating bills by 70 per cent, and an architect trained in ultra-energy efficient homes, to help villagers learn how they can reduce their emissions and bills.

To find out more about Zero Carbon Daviot, visit the website at www.zerocarbondaviot.org