Debra Storr to stand down at local elections in May

ELLON and District Cllr Debra Storr has announced that she will stand down at the next election in order to concentrate on her new career as a planner with a renewable energy firm.

The maverick Green-leaning councillor, who has prompted anger and admiration during her time as representative for Ellon and District, says that the move comes in order to prevent conflicts of interest between her careers as a councillor and planner for Green Cat Renewables.

Outspoken in her criticism of Trump International’s Menie Golf Course, she had come under fire from other members of Formartine Area Committee and Aberdeenshire Council.

Speaking to the Times, she said that she had enjoyed her time as local representative, but that she felt it was appropriate to move on.

“Being a councillor is rewarding, frustrating, boring, exciting - every adjective you can think of,” she told the Times. “When you get things done, and make a difference, it’s a great feeling. However, I feel now that I can make more of a difference outside the council than I can inside it.

“During my time as a councillor I have always tried to stand up for what was right. I am pleased I have been able to help both individual residents and organisations.

“I wish to thank the hundreds of people who have supported me through the difficult past four and a half years and urge those who wish to fight for a better future to go out and vote Green on 3 May.”

Elected in 1999 as a Liberal Democrat, she left the party in 2009 to join the Democratic Independent Group, although as a member of the Green Party.