Drivers warned to be wary of deer on the roads during May

SCOTTISH Natural Heritage (SNH) is warning North-east motorists to be alert for deer on the roads this month.

The organisation is advising drivers across the country to slow down to avoid accidents over the next few weeks.

Vehicle accidents involving deer peak at this time of year, as yearling animals disperse, looking for their own territories.

SNH, in conjunction with Transport Scotland, is placing warning messages on signs on high-risk trunk roads across Scotland from this week until Friday, May 31.

The signs are targeted on roads with higher rates of deer-vehicle collisions, covering areas of the Central Belt around Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as Stirling, Kinross, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Signs warn motorists of the high risk of deer on road.

The most recent deer-vehicle collision research shows there are more than 7000 collisions every year in Scotland, with an average of 65 of these resulting in human injuries.