Drivers warned to watch for deer

Scots motorists have been advised to slow down for deer this winter.

The warning has been issued by the breakdown service Autonational Rescue is advising drivers to watch their speed with the dark nights and animals becoming harder to spot.

As many as 74,000 deer are thought to be hit by cars every year in the UK. In turn, these accidents could cause up to 700 human casualties, including several fatalities.

Some wildlife casualties can be humanely put down, many more crawl off the side of the road to suffer and died after colliding with cars, motorbikes and lorries.

Auonational’s marketing manager Ronan Hart said: “We face a serious problem in the UK’s countryside and on the outskirts of our towns and cities, and it’s getting worse as the deer population increases and our roads get busier.

“There are around 200 accidents a day involving deer and the costs per vehicle could be reaching as much as £60,000 a day across the UK.

“That’s more than £21 million a year.”