Eco friendly tractor is planted in Pitmedden

PUT, a community group near Pitmedden has been given a helping hand by the Community Wind Turbine of Udny Community Trust and Aberdeenshire Council to buy a wind powered tractor.

Thursday, 18th July 2013, 9:39 am
Cllr Paul Johnston, Bob Bamlett (In tractor), Chair of PUT Community Co-op, Eleanor Morris, Development Manager of the Udny Community Trust, and Stuart Allan from Ravenhill who supplied the Tractor,

The tractor will carry out local tasks in their unusual proposal.

It won support because of the wide range of work that could be done to benefit the community.

The plan is to use the equipment to help build paths, maintain a community park, including grass cutting and other construction tasks, allotment work and watering displays and baskets.

PUT took delivery of the shiny new vehicle on Monday, July 15.

Bob Bamlett, Chairman of PUT Community Co-op, said: “You could say that because of our local community owned turbine, its really wind powered. The work we can do will continue to be blooming good.

“We will add fantastic capacity in our ability to build and maintain paths and parks.”

Udny Community Trust development manager, Eleanor Morris, said: “PUT Community Cooperative have worked hard to make it happen and the trust are pleased to be able to support the project.”