Formartine basks in 20C temperatures

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FORMARTINE has been basking in spectacular summer weather for most of the week thus far, with unseasonably high temperatures recorded in and around Ellon.

Temperatures soared above 20C on Monday and Tuesday in the town, with sun-seekers taking to the streets to enjoy the fine weather, sunbathing and eating ice creams on the banks of the Ythan. New records were set for Scottish March weather in Fyvie and Aboye, where thermometers stopped just shy of 23C.

The sunshine has prompted fears, however, that we are being set up for a mediocre summer in the wake of such a glorious spring. Last year’s summer was widely regarded as mediocre, after a promising spring start.

Dan Williams, spokesman for the Met Office, told the Times that there was no observable link between fine spring weather and a mediocre summer afterwards.

“What happens now has no demonstrable impact on summer,” he said. “There’s no established pattern - it’s all down to seasonal variability, so this year’s summer might well be completely different to last years’.

“It’s too early to say whether or not it will be a good summer. I would advise your readers, however, not to write off summer just yet!”

The weather is set to remain fine through Thursday, though there are predictions that rain will fall over the course of the weekend.