Fresh bid to cut junk mail announced

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A new step in the fight to reduce the amount of junk mail pushed through mail boxes and ending in landfill has been announced, which will see a reduction in amount of unsolicited mail produced and a push for greater recycling of what is received.

Under the new UK-wide deal with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) there will be a reduction in amount of unsolicited mail produced; a push for greater recycling of what is received, and new standards to ensure direct marketing material is produced and distributed with minimal waste and carbon emissions

A new free to use website allowing households to opt out of all types of advertising mail, replacing the current out of date process spread over three websites, is also to be launched.

Scottish Government Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead welcomed the development.“Householders have little control of the junk mail shoved through letter boxes”, he said. “This agreement with the DMA brings the unnecessary volume into focus and exposes the waste it can be.

“While direct mail represents just a small proportion of total household waste, it is representative of the throw-away culture that we live in and that the Scottish Government wants to change.

“Through the more targeted distribution methods in the agreement, householders can look forward to less unsolicited mail, and what does drop through the letter box we would urge to be recycled. Today’s agreement with the DMA is a positive step for Scotland’s journey to becoming a zero waste society.”