From one extreme to the other in 72 hours

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THE weather in Scotland can be notoriously fickle, and this week has been no exception for residents of the north-east.

Following 20C plus temperatures last week, the weekend saw the temperature drop by 10C in just 48 hours, with most inland residents waking up to six inches of snow on Tuesday.

The snow - which has been largely absent this winter - caused disruption locally with trees brought down and traffic forced to a crawl in wintry conditions. Police notified motorists of a tree across the road between Ellon and Methlick, while a car left the road between Oldmeldrum and Inverurie. By Tuesday afternoon, most of the lying snow had melted, though the temperature in Ellon remained at around 5C - significantly colder than it has been. There were further brief snowfalls over Tuesday night, and into Wednesday.

Ellon Civic Pride co-ordinator Frances Watson told the Times that though the weather had been a ‘short, sharp shock’, the cold snap wouldn’t affect the town’s summer floral displays.

She told the Times: “We don’t plant our bedding plants until the second of third week of June, so this weather shouldn’t have an impact.”

Forvie Nature Reserve Manager Annabel Drysdale added that she didn’t anticipate a major impact on the area’s migratory wildlife.

“So far, not too many migrating species have arrived yet - except our sandwich terns, which fish at sea, so they won’t be particularly impacted,” she said.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council confirmed that no schools had been closed in the shire.