Latest row over Menie land dispute turns bad-tempered

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THE latest round of the row between Trump International and householder David Milne has seen mutual accusations of land grabbing, as both sides assert their rights to the land currently occupied by Mr Milne’s garden.

In an unusually bad-tempered statement, a spokesperson from Trump International said: “We have seen the statements issued by David Milne concerning the boundary fencing which are entirely false and misleading.

“Milne was encroaching on over 400 square metres of our land - he erected garden fencing and illegally built a structure on our property which he was asked to remove last year. In effect he was knowingly trying to steal our land. Following his failure to do so, his fence was taken down in October 2010 and a new boundary fence installed to demarcate our properties.

“He was subsequently asked to share the cost of this work and was also notified that his failure to remove the built structure from our land would result in legal action.

“We have been extremely patient on these matters and have given Milne more than eight months to address the issue. We therefore notify him again that if the building is not removed as a matter of urgency, and all outstanding invoices paid, we will proceed with legal action against him.”

Mr Milne chose to open this discussion before the public and the media, and has lied about the project and the facts surrounding this matter. Furthermore, he continually makes defamatory comments about The Trump Organization and Donald J Trump which are not acceptable and will have severe legal consequences.”

David Milne, meanwhile, asserted that the boundaries of his property matched those in the original title deeds, and told the Times that Trump International would be “laughed out of court” if they chose to take the matter further.

“Their claims are completely worthless,” he said. “My lawyers have looked at the deeds and compared the boundaries on the ground against the ones Trump are claiming, and I’m more than comfortable.”