Meeting to progress woodland expansion

A STAKEHOLDER meeting to discuss how to take woodland expansion forward will be held in Huntly on Thursday, March 1 at 6.30pm.

The meeting is being organised by the Woodland Expansion Advisory Group which has been set up to identify the types of land for future tree planting and will provide an opportunity to discuss and give feedback on some of the emerging conclusions being formulated by the Group.

Dr Andrew Barbour, chairman of the Woodland Expansion Advisory Group said: “From the outset we have been very keen to consult as widely as possible and receive views from a wide a range of interests.

“The Group is undertaking a series of seven stakeholder meetings across Scotland and we hope the proceedings in Huntly will offer a lively and constructive debate.

“By March we will have a clearer picture of how we think the conflicts between tree planting and other land uses can be minimised. We will wish to share our thoughts with those being directly affected so that we can be confident that our end proposals will be realistic and practical.”

For venue details,those wishing to attend should register in advance at

The Woodland Expansion Advisory Group consists of 18 members from backgrounds in farming, conservation, forestry, land use and community relations.