Permanent barriers go up in Balmacassie Business Park


Permanent barriers have been installed at the entrance to Balmacassie Woodland in a bid to keep the site secure in the future.

The barriers include a 1300mm high galvanised gate across the road, with earth mounds containing boulders on the grass verges at either side of the gate, as well as two locking, collapsible bollards, behind the gate, presenting a double barrier to anyone attempting to gain entry into the area.

Councillor Gillian Owen visited the barriers on Monday.

Mrs Owen said: “I am very pleased to see that the barriers have been installed at the hammerhead at Balmacassie.

“This should keep unauthorised travellers out of this area!

“I know local residents will be pleased to see this but of course yet again as with the clean up our council tax will end up paying for this.

“These travellers do not appear to have any regard for our lovely town or our hard working residents.”

SNP councillor Richard Thomson also commented on the new barriers.

Mr Thomson said: “I’m very pleased to see that the barriers have gone up so quickly after the temporary measures were put in place.

“Obviously, it’s hard to ever make somewhere completely secure from unauthorised use. However, with these measures now in place along with those at the Park and Ride, hopefully we won’t be seeing any repeat of the last two summers where travellers have been able to set up camp across these sites, often for weeks at a time.”