Progress on path welcomed

Ellon Cllr Gillian Owen has welcomed a commitment to improve a frequently used path in Ellon.

The path between Bredero Drive and Auchmore Road has been closed for more than a month now, due to its poor condition. Officers had considered blocking the path off permanently, however Aberdeenshire Council has now committed to adopting - and maintaining - the path. Repairs are anticipated to take place after April 2013.

Cllr Owen said: “Personally I had only received two comments on the issue and the Council informed me they had received none. However I was determined to find a way that would keep this valuable footpath open for residents to use.

“A number of options were discussed including permanently closing the path with a two meter high wall. Thankfully after some debate, officers agreed that the path was an essential route for the residents of this area. The route is clearly important for resident access to the school and the local shop. The officers agreed with the representation put to them that it would be a better result if the path was repaired.”