Recycle or face legal action, warns council

ABERDEENSHIRE Council have issued a threat to non-recyclers: dispose of your waste properly, or potentially face legal action.

The announcement comes as the council gets set to enforce rigorous recycling targets, which aim to see 70% of all waste recycled by 2025. The shire already recycles or composts 33% of the waste it produces.

The new regime will include stricter limits on household waste generation, with householders being told to expect fortnightly bin collections, with exceptions only for those with young children or medical conditions.

A spokesman for the council said: “After September 5, householders who present excess waste or unauthorised bins for collection will find the waste will not be collected. Householders may take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre instead.

“Those who continue to flout the council’s policy will be visited by waste officers, who will give advice and assess requests for extra capacity. Enforcement action under the Environmental Protection Act will be a last resort, but will be available to deal with persistent offenders.

“By applying the policy, it is hoped persistent non-recyclers will be encouraged to recycle and compost more to fit all of their waste into one 240-litre bin. Dumping waste into landfill is more expensive than recycling, is a waste of resources and leads to environmental damage.

“Many items sent to landfill lose any value they may have, whether financial or in terms of the energy used to produce them. For example, making a new aluminium can from recyclable material uses 95% less energy than a can created from the raw resources.”

Local authorities have another incentive to increase their waste disposal rates: the European Union could impose harsh landfill fines, amounting to millions of pounds, if recycling targets are not met.