Residents seek lights for Udny Station

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A CAMPAIGN has started in order to illuminate Udny Green in time for Christmas.

The initial meeting of the village’s provisional Christmas Lights group was held last Wednesday at the Udny Station Community Hall.

Among those campaigning for the village to be lit up are Udny Station Hotel owner Eileen Andrew, who told the Times that the group had received a positive response thus far, and that it was planning fundraising in the coming months.

Eileen told the Times: “We had a pretty good turnout for a first meeting, and those who came along were very supportive. I think we have a good local base that we can build from.

“We’ll be holding another meeting, on March 6, at the same venue at 7.30pm to see if we can bring the project forward. We’re still very keen to hear from those who might not have made the first meeting. Thus far we have the support of around two dozen potential volunteers, but we would be very keen for others to get involved - we will need strong men to help put the lights up, and we’d be particularly keen to hear from anyone who has electrical skills or experience.”

Eileen added that she would be approaching the village’s Hall Committee to investigate the possibility of tapping into the hall’s recently installed solar electricity supply to power the lights.

“We will be approaching the Hall Committee this week, to find out if it would be possible to run the illuminations from the hall,” she said.

Initially, plans are that the lights in question would cover a fairly limited area around the community hall, and in subsequent years, would grow outwards to cover more of the village.

“It’s early days yet,” said Eileen. “But we’ve already had strong support from residents, and we’re hoping to get more.”