Results of art consultation announced

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A SCULPTOR commissioned with identifying opportunities for public art in Ellon has revealed his proposals for the town.

Michael Johnson was tasked by the area’s Ellon Public Art Group with identifying areas of the town which would be suitable for public art installations. His proposals include six locations in the town identified as viable opportunities for improvement.

Funding for the project will come from the town’s Tesco, which had established a fund specifically for the purpose of public art in Ellon.

Speaking to the Times, Mr Johnson said: “The overall strategy is to emphasise the amenities Ellon already has.

“One commission for an artist would be to re-brand the walks around the town. Another commision would be to look at opportunities to improve areas of dilapidation in the town centre. I have also concluded that the area where the town’s station once stood could become a focus for some sort of development.

“The seating arrangements along the Ythan should also be looked at - the current benches are an unappealing aspect as you enter the town.”

He added that he would himself be taking up a commission to design a new installation for display near the River.

“Our commission would be a piece focussing on the Ythan, and how Ellon has evolved alongside it. It’s still an iconic image of the town.”

Mr Johnson’s report has been circulated to local bodies dealing with planning in Ellon.

“I consulted with a lot of people, and have been in the town frequently. I hope the report is taken on board.”