Slains pupils do their bit to protect sealife

Slains pupils with Freddie the Fulmar during the KIMO visit.
Slains pupils with Freddie the Fulmar during the KIMO visit.
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Pupils at Slains Primary School have been hearing about how marine litter is harming sealife.

They had a visit last week from local representatives of the environmental group KIMO.

During the session, the children heard how plastic breaks down in the sea into small pieces which are easily mistaken for food by seabirds.

More than three million seabirds, including 500,000 fulmars, visit Scotland to breed every year.

Fulmars forage exclusively at sea, capturing prey from the surface. They frequently ingest floating marine litter, including plastic objects, confusing them with food.

After examining a range of marine litter collected from Collieston beach, the youngsters put forward ideas for helping to solve the problem – from more bins to beach cleans to the recruiting ‘litter police’.

The visit ended with a discussion about KIMO UK’s ‘Pick up 3 Pieces’ initiative.

It invites visitors to make a difference by taking three pieces of litter home every time they visit the beach.

If you want to get involved with the Pick up 3 Pieces initiative, visit