Support for conservation plans

Port Erroll village
Port Erroll village

Residents of a North-east community have backed plans to keep the area’s conservation status.

Aberdeenshire Council recently conducted a survey asking residents in Port Erroll if they still wanted to retain the status with the possibility of removing it.

The final report is not expected to be issued until next month and local councillors will be asked to approve it.

The Port Erroll Heritage Group has also sought the views of residents.

Having canvassed most of the properties in the village, members found strong support for keeping the benefits of the conservation area.

They received 51 replies out of the 70 properties contacted.

Almost all supported the features that provide the main benefits of living in a conservation area.

The council had also sought guidance on whether regulatory control on buildings and features consistent with a conservation area should continue.

In the group’s survey a total of 98 per cent felt it was important that this should continue.

The recently-established Port Erroll Heritage Group have provided the local authority with their own report which provides a positive assessment of the conservation area.

It is anticipated that they will work together to preserve the area’s beauty, charm and history.

Port Erroll is one of 41 conservation areas in Aberdeenshire.

Popular with summer visitors, the 19th century fishing village can also lay claim to a literary heritage, courtesy of a world-famous writer.

It provided inspiration for a novel by Bram Stoker, better known for writing Dracula in 1897.