Talks over future of Ellon Castle gardens

Ellon Castle Gardens
Ellon Castle Gardens

Developers and members of the Ellon community have met to discuss the future of the Castle gardens with a view to opening up communication with local people.

Scotia and Barratt Homes, who own the gardens, convened a meeting of interested individuals on Monday including Sandy McDougall who, although chairman of Ellon Community Council, stressed that he had not been invited to attend in his council capacity.

Mr McDougall said: “Scotia and Barratt Homes wanted to set up an advisory group to discuss options open to them. I am happy to be involved in helping determine how such a valuable community asset should be developed.”

Local people hope that eventually the Castle gardens will be open for show, having been promised as long ago as the 1970’s that such an occurrence would take place.

Formartine area manager, Keith Newton, indicated last week that opening the gardens would not be in the immediate future, a fact confirmed by Mr McDougall who said: “Obviously it would be desirable, but there is much to be discussed before then, but we are seeking to open up dialogue with the wider community in the build up to the development.

“It will be well worth the wait, but we must not get ahead of ourselves.”