Villagers demand oil spill inspection

Residents have voiced concern after reporting oil seeping from a former landfill site near Balmedie.

Friday, 15th January 2016, 9:00 am
The oil seepage was noticed on the coastline at Blackdog.

Villagers at Blackdog are calling for an urgent inspection of the spillage in the beach area.

The discovery of the oil leak has prompted fresh health fears.

Aberdeenshire Council confirmed it is continuing to work with the previous operators, current owners of the landfill site and the environment agency SEPA to find a solution.

The seepage is believed to have been caused by the recent persistent rain.

Local resident Edna Booth is concerned about safety and has written to the council calling for an immediate inspection.

She said: “The seepage of oil from the beachside landfill is alarming. Prevailing weather conditions have no doubt been a factor in this.

“The residents of Blackdog think it is long overdue that this mess should be cleaned up once and for all.

“This problem has been long-running and on-going for over twenty years.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s acting head of protective services, Belinda Miller, said: “Blackdog is a privately owned site and not a council landfill - we continue to work with the previous operators, current owners and SEPA to find a solution to prevent further hydrocarbon contamination.

“Presently oil is being released at extreme high tide from contaminated sands located at depth below the foot of the dunes. This is an episodic event which has not occurred to this extent for several years.

“Recent unprecedented rainfall has caused the water table within the dunes to rise to the extent that a pre-existing depression is now flooded with contaminated water. This is expected to be of short duration.”