Warning on new waste rules

Directors of New Deer-based Keenan Recycling, Grant and Gregor Keenan.
Directors of New Deer-based Keenan Recycling, Grant and Gregor Keenan.

AN ABERDEENSHIRE organic waste recycling firm is urging businesses to prepare early for new waste regulations being introduced in Scotland.

Keenan Recycling, which transforms food and garden waste into compost near New Deer, has welcomed the Scottish Government move to force businesses to separate its recyclable waste over the next four years.

However, the company says the regulations are set to affect many businesses and they are encouraging industry leaders to consider the changes and begin introducing systems now.

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations will require all businesses to separate paper and card, plastic, metal and glass for recycling no later than January 2014. Businesses producing more than 50kg of food waste per week will also have to separate this from landfill waste.

By January 2016, any businesses producing more than just 5kg of food waste per week will need to recycle it.

Managing Director of Keenan Recycling, Grant Keenan, said: “50kg of food waste accounts for just 45% of a standard household wheelie bin, therefore, these regulations are definitely going to affect any business that prepares, processes or sells food within the next 18 months.

“January 2014 may seem a distance away but businesses must have processes in place well in advance of the regulations coming into force and it will take time for businesses to find the best solution.”

Keenan deals with tens of thousands of tonnes of food and green waste from local authorities all over Scotland and also offers a recycling service to businesses and food processors with green targets.

The commercial collection scheme was the first of its kind in the North-east allowing organisations to recycle items such as leftover food, coffee grounds, cups and paper towels. The firm currently processes annually in excess of 70,000 tonnes of organic waste.