Wind objectors meet to discuss tactics

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Campaigners against a proposed wind farm development near Auchedly have held a meeting, in order to discuss how best to try and put forward their objections to the scheme.

Over 70 objectors met last Thursday evening in the Aberdeen Arms Hotel, Tarves, in order to marshal their arguments against the plans, which would see four wind turbines nearly 90 metres tall erected at Douglashead Farm, near Tarves.

In his introduction, meeting chairman Martin Sisely expressed his view that the scheme was more of a business venture for its backers, emphasising what he claimed was the subsidy which went towards wind generation. He also expressed road safety concerns over the possibility of ice being thrown by turbine blades, and the potential distracting effect of shadow flicker on drivers.

In the discussion which followed, there was debate over how noise might affect local residents, as well as over the impact of glint and shadow flicker on nearby homeowners. The possible impact on ospreys was also discussed, as was the potential loss of amenity around Haddo House and in terms the view from the Prop of Ythsie.

Not all of those present were objectors, however. An invitation was made by a local farmer with wind turbines of his own for objectors to come and visit his site to judge for themselves the impact which they had.

The closing date for public representations to Aberdeenshire Council is 9 February.