Windfarm: “Ugly cloud over the Scottish coast”

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DONALD Trump has described his investment in the Menie Estate as ‘at risk’ if a nearby multi-million pound offshore windfarm development goes ahead, in a letter to Alex Salmond.

The letter - and accompanying point-by-point case - comes as the latest development to a long standing spat between Mr Trump and renewables development group AREG over the location of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre.

In a letter to the First Minister, Mr Trump described the development - which will test the suitability of offshore wind turbines - as an ”ugly cloud hanging over the great Scottish coastline.”

Claiming he received assurances from the previous Scottish Executive that no windfarm would be built within sight of the proposed course, Mr Trump further adds that the development will turn international investors against Scotland, saying “you should ask yourself if any other international developer would ever risk investing in Scotland after my experience and all the promises that were made to me!”

As part of the objection - which was made to the Scottish Government and Marine Scotland - Trump International have attached a photo montage representing the proximity of the wind turbines to Menie, arguing that the development would be adversely impacted by the turbines on the horizon.

David Rodger, Project Spokesman for the EOWDC joint venture partners Vattenfall, Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group and Technip, said that the project had attracted public support in recently held consultations on the project.

He said: “The joint venture partners understand that the Trump Organisation has objected to the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre and like all other comments we have received regarding the proposal we will look at this carefully. We have recently completed extensive public consultations in Aberdeen and along the Aberdeenshire coast to Peterhead following very careful consideration of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed development. We believe that EOWDC is crucial to the future economy of the region - home of Europe’s energy capital, Aberdeen - and is of strategic importance to the development of the offshore wind sector for Scotland, the UK and, indeed, Europe. We had more than 200 people attend the exhibitions, and we found that most who attended are in support of the scheme.”