Even bigger and better

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ELLON Round Table are gearing up for this year’s Ellon Gala, with treasurer Wayne Baber outlining the group’s plans.

Speaking to the Times, Wayne said that the emphasis this year would be on raising the profile of the gala, making it a bigger, better event and attracting more people.

“We hope to get a big momentum behind the event, which takes place on June 3,” he said. “This year, the theme will be ‘Family Fun Day’, and to that end we’ll be hosting an ‘It’s A Knockout’ event with help from a company who have been organising similar events for the past twenty years. They’ve even got the original costumes and props from the TV series!

“There are twelve teams taking part, at £200 per team. The slots have been filled, but there is a waiting list available. Some of our teams are using the event as an opportunity to raise money.”

He added that the gala would also host the usual stalls, food venues and traditional games for visitors.

“What we are very interested in finding out is what people in Ellon want from the gala - what would people want to see, what sort of competitions we should have - generally, how do people see their gala evolving?”

Speaking about the Round Table’s bonfire night, he told the Times that it had been resoundingly successful, with a huge crowd turning out for the fire and fireworks display.

He said: “Last year’s Bonfire Night was the busiest I have seen the town in any year since the Raft Race stopped. It was a great evening. It’s also booked again for this year, and we’re hoping to make it a bigger, better event as well. The decision to include local schools in our Guy competition was a fantastic one, and we’re looking to expand on that.”

Anyone interested in helping the Round Table organise their Gala in June and Bonfire Night in November can contact Nick Poole on 07878779578.