Family reunited with long lost photo after Times appeal

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A FAMILY has been reunited with a long-lost family heirloom, after an Ellon Times appeal two weeks ago for information.

Mrs Joan McTaggart came forward to claim the photograph, which depicts her parents’ golden wedding anniversary in 1981. The photograph, presumed lost, was uncovered at the back of a cupboard at the Meadowvale sheltered housing complex, before being brought to the Times’ attention by warden Claire Thomson with an appeal for anyone with information about the family to come forward.

The Times received two separate phonecalls regarding the origins of the photograph, with callers passing on details of the Walkers’ surviving descendants.

Mrs McTaggart, who was joined by daughter Lynn and husband Fulton, travelled from Glenrothes to Ellon to receive the photograph on behalf of the family, and to visit an aunt in the area. Mr and Mrs Walker stayed at Meadowvale for a number of years before moving into other sheltered accommodation. Mrs Walker died in 1991, and Mr Walker in 1997, and are survived by five daughters: Margaret, Jamesina, Joan, Jessie and Ellen.

Mrs McTaggart said: “This is another nice memory for us, and especially so as my daughter is researching our family history. We didn’t have any photographs like this. Myself and one of my sisters have celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversaries in the past year, and my other sister will do so next, so its quite a co-incidence!”