Fans fork out a fortune to follow their team

Being a lifelong sports fan could cost you almost £67,000 over a lifetime, a study has found.

Saturday, 14th May 2016, 7:09 pm
Following your favourite football team could cost you £67,000 over a lifetime. (Photo: Michael Gillen)

Those who follow sports such as football, motor racing or rugby can expect to part with more than £1000 a year in ticket and admission fees, travel and merchandise costs.

And for some, the cost is even higher with more than a quarter admitting they spend an average of around £207 a year travelling abroad to follow their favourite sport or team.

As a result, seven in 10 sports fans have had to turn down the chance to go to a live sports game because it was costing them too much money.

A spokesman for online market research company OnePoll, which carried out the study, said: “Sometimes being passionate about something can cost money.

“But it doesn’t necessarily mean it is wasted cash as being a supporter means you’re helping to keep a business alive.

“Having said that, it’s surprising to see just how much money the typical sports fan ends up spending over the course of their adult lifetime.

“What seems like a small amount every time, can really add up without noticing, meaning the nation could be spending billions on keeping track of their idols.”

The study, of 2000 fans, found those who consider themselves to be a sports fan will spend an average of £347 each year on tickets and admission to 12 games or sports events.

On top of this, a further £229 is spent on travel and accommodation, while around £37 a year is spent on kits and merchandise.

However, even those who try to save money by not going to live events end up spending a small fortune, with an average of £229 spent on TV subscriptions to watch games over a year.

And heading to your nearest pub to catch the big game over a pint and some food amounts to another £204 a year.

Unsurprisingly, 83 per cent believe it’s somewhat expensive to be a true sports fan these days.

The OnePoll spokesman added: “It’s perhaps not so surprising that supporters of teams in the Premier League and fans of top bands end up spending so much money on tickets, travel and merchandise over a lifetime.

“But if it makes you happy and it keeps a passion alive, there’s no harm in investing in it to help keep it going.”


• Tickets – £347.16 per year (£22,218.24 over a lifetime)

• Travel and accommodation – £227.76 (14,576.64)

• Merchandise – £36.74 (£2351.36)

• TV subscriptions – £228.96 (14,653.44)

• Drinks and food while watching a game in a pub or bar £204.36 (£13,079.04)

• Total £1044.98 a year

• Over a lifetime £66,878.72