Fishing tales at Ellon Probus Club

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President David Barclay welcomed retired fisherman Alec Strachan as guest speaker at the recent Ellon Probus Club meeting.

Alec spent his entire working life at sea on fishing boats, all with a strong family connection and working mostly out of Peterhead.

In a typical North-east manner, he regaled members with tales of his fishing experiences and exploits, including reference to the annual migration of the North-east fishing community to Yarmouth in search of the herring of yesteryear.

On retiring Alec was, like many other menfolk used to an active working life, at a bit of a loss as to what to do - so he followed a boyhood hobby and took up model ship-making, a craft he has mastered with great skill as his demonstration models showed.

In line with the current Men’s Shed movement in Ellon and elsewhere, Alec has his own shed, which he describes as a haven of peace and quiet where he can while away the hours in solitary contentment.

In a lively and amusing question and answer session two points were startlingly brought to the fore, namely the ignorance of Probus Club members as regards anything to do with boats, fish or fishing and the hard-line views of a fisherman that there is always plenty of fish in the sea to be caught and that all fishery management and control regulations are a waste of time designed to curtail the earnings ability of the poor, honest fisherman.

The vote of thanks was given by Fred Crawford.

The next Probus get-together is the Christmas lunch, to be held at Ellon Golf Club today (Thursday). The next regular meeting is on January 9.